About Us

How it started…

In 1971, James R Poshard (JR)) left the oil fields in search of new successes in business. The Southern IL hardnosed entrepreneur had ambition for success at almost any cost of doing so. In 1971, JR Poshard bought original partner Fred Allen out when the company was at an infant stage of 2 power units. Shortly after, son James S (Jim) and JR incorporated the company as an Indiana business based out of Mount Vernon, IN naming the new business James R Poshard & Son, Inc.

The father and son combo had two trucks and trailers and began hauling grain for the elevators, products for farmers, and coal for Black Beauty Coal as well as various other coal companies. It wasn’t long and a third truck was bought to be operated by Jim. Although Jim didn’t mind driving the truck, his management and business skills were better served seeking new businesses and relationships. This new positioned management asset will later become the corner stone that propelled the business that has become today. At that time, JR bought Continental Grain’s trucking operation out, bringing their fleet to 14 power units and continued to serve Continental Grains service needs as it had operated prior for itself.

In 1960, General Electric broke ground in Mount Vernon, IN building the Lexan Plastic Plant. Around 1974, General Electric put in 4 coal fired boilers to provide Electric and Steam to service the plants energy needs. Jim laid the groundwork by developing the business relationship in a short time frame to obtain 100% of the coal deliveries to the plant and to pave the way for growth and guaranteed work. With this contract came other business of hauling fly ash from the plant, and providing contractor services for GE to handle the coal for the boilers. The company serviced this contract / customer from 1974 to the end of 2016 when the plant shut off their boilers for the last time in light of their CoGen plant that would take over for the coal boilers as the country had taken aim to reduce greenhouse gases. As tough as it was to end a contract that had been an anchor to the business for years, the diversification of customers and other business keeps the company operating at full tilt.

Over the 46 years of doing business, James R Poshard & Son, Inc. had diversified into every line of transportation from end dumps, straight trucks, flat beds, liquid tanks, Reefer’s, hazardous hauling of fuels and anhydrous ammonia. The anhydrous ammonia division grew from acquisitions of other businesses and controlled most of the region in supply for 15 years. In 2002, the anhydrous division sold out to Grammar Industries. Currently the business focuses on end dump, flatbed and liquid business along with hazardous hauling of ethanol and fuels.

Throughout time, many roads have been traveled, businesses bought and sold, and loved ones whom have passed, but the company continues as a 3rd generation family business that operates with family values.  James R Poshard & Son, Inc is now owned and operated by Holly J Hudson (Poshard) and husband, Casey J Hudson. Casey joined James R Poshard & Son, Inc. in 2005 managing the business as Jim stepped aside. In 2007, Casey became Vice President of the operation controlling 99% of all corporate businesses. James R Poshard & Son, Inc. is a full service shop with mechanics that have all been with the company for 25+ years with a new addition hired in 2017. Our Dispatcher / Fleet Manager Steve Tolley had worked as a lease truck from 1977 up to 1982 when he joined James R Poshard & Son, Inc. as a driver and then to Fleet Manager in 2001. Steve’s dedications as well as our mechanics dedication to the company have played viable roles to the company’s successes.

As a Women Owned Business since 2013, Holly seeks not the accreditation of the WBO but simply the successes that her late grandfather (JR) and late father (Jim) provided for its employees, their families, the community of Mount Vernon, IN., as well as growth of the companies in the future.